Sterisil Cartridge

All-In-One Dental Microbiological Cartridge

  • EPA registered to produce dental water with ≤ 10CFU/ml HPC bacteria
  • Produces water with zero ppm total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Eliminates hard water deposits
  • Includes a shock treatment that gets released upon initial install  
  • On-demand ADA and CDC compliant dental water
  • No external power required
  • Easy installation with ¼” tubing Automatic Shut-off valve for quick and simple cartridge replacement
  • Several cartridge sizes are available to optimize capacity and replacement time
  • FDA Cleared
  • EPA Reg. No 83315-2

Continuous disinfection for dental unit water lines connected to municipal water.

The Sterisil Valved Cartridge and Sterisil Inline Cartridge provide purified dental water, virtually free of all contaminates, prevents hard water deposits within your dental unit, and provides continuous disinfection for dental unit water lines connected to municipal water. Cartridges last from 3 months to 1 year depending on municipal water quality and volume of water used. The cartridge capacity is easily determined using Sterisil’s small, handheld total dissolved solids meter (TDS-3) or with our automated sensor.

The Sterisil Cartridge installs easily using your ¼” water supply tubing, and is available in multiple sizes to fit into any space including, a junction box cabinet or onto a 2” pole. The cartridge head on the valved cartridge version has an automatic shut-off valve, eliminating the need to shut off the dental unit’s main water supply during the exchange of a new cartridge..


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  • Do I need to turn off the main water valve to change the Sterisil® Cartridge? +

    It depends.  If you have the valved Sterisil® Cartridge, then no!  It is designed with an automatic shut off valve! Simply unscrew the old Sterisil® Cartridge and replace it with a new one.  If you have the inline Sterisil® Cartridge then you will need to shut off the main water valve to change this Cartridge type.
  • Why has my water flow decreased? +

    Water pressure may be too low or the deionizing resin may be expired. Use a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) monitor to check the output water to confirm the TDS is near zero. If the TDS is greater than 10 units above the initial background level, the DI resin is expired.
  • How long will my Sterisil® Cartridge last? +

    The Sterisil® Cartridge is designed to last up to 1-year however this is dependent on source water hardness and quantity of water treated. The Sterisil® Cartridge removes all incoming dissolved solids so it is necessary to monitor the treated water to determine the actual useful life of the filter, not-to-exceed one year. This is easily done with a battery operated hand-held Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) monitor. The Sterisil® Cartridge treated water should have near 0 ppm TDS. Please note that existing mineral deposits in the dental lines will gradually be removed and will be detected on the TDS monitor. It is recommended that you determine what the background TDS level is with a new Sterisil® Cartridge so that you will have an action level to change the cartridge when the TDS reaches 10 ppm over the background level indicating the deionizing (DI) resin in the Sterisil® Cartridge is about to expire
  • Why has a strange odor suddenly come about? +

    The deionizing (DI) resin will start to give off an amine odor when the resin is expired.
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Part # Product

CV-SK (replaces PTP-SK)

Sterisil® Valved Cartridge Set-up Kit (Must be purchased with initial order)

CV-10 (replaces PTP-10)

Sterisil® Valved Cartridge 10 - (length 10-3/8” X diameter 2.5”)

CV-20 (replaces PTP-20)

Sterisil® Valved Cartridge 20 - (length 14-3/4”  X diameter 2.5”)   


Sterisil® Valved Cartridge 8 - (length 8-3/8” X  diameter 2.5 “)


CI-QK Sterisil® Inline Cartridge Setup Kit (Must be purchased with initial order)
CI-3i Sterisil® Inline Cartridge 3i - (length 6-1/16" X diameter 2")
CI-6i Sterisil® Inline Cartridge 6i - (length10-1/16” X   diameter 2”)
CI-7i Sterisil® Inline Cartridge 7i - (length 8-1/16  X   diameter 2.5”)
CI-9i Sterisil® Inline Cartridge 9i - (length 10-1/8” X   diameter 2.5”)
TDS-3 TDS Handheld Meter
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