Sterisil Citrisil

  • Eliminates need to empty bottles, purge and air dry lines at night
  • Each box includes one Citrisil™ Shock tablet
  • Citrisil™ Blue provides an option of a light blue tint in treated water for easy visual compliance and identification of water level in opaque bottles
  • One tablet for 0.7 to 1 liter bottle; (Part No. C20-W or C20-B)
  • New! 2-liter bottle tablet; (Part No. C20-2W or C20-2B)
  • Citrisil™ Shock tablet available separate box of 10 tablets; (Part No. ECS-10)
  • FDA Cleared
  • EPA Reg. No 83315-1

Citrisil and Citrisil Blue

Citrisil Discount Citrisil and Citrisil Blue tablets continuously disinfect and maintain dental water lines. Simply start with one Citrisil Shock tablet and follow with one Citrisil (white) or Citrisil Blue tablet per refill of each self-contained water bottle. Using distilled or purified tap water, the tablet effervesces and provides a safe, pH balanced treatment. Citrisil Blue produces a light blue tint for visual compliance. EPA registered to produce less than or equal to 10 CFU per ml HPC purity; 50 times below the ADA and CDC guidelines.


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  • What are the precipitates in my bottle? +

    Tap water is a common cause of precipitates. Citrisil™ is engineered not to lower the pH of the treated water to prevent corrosiveness.  Other waterline tablets significantly lower the pH which helps to prevent mineral precipitates but also causes corrosion.  Citrisil™ Blue has an added UV absorber that further reduces the chance of precipitates.  If you are not using tap water contact Sterisil® Technical assistance to further evaluate your situation [1-877-755-7873].
  • What is the difference between the white tablet and the blue tablet? +

    They are exactly the same in regards to active ingredients and efficacy rating. The blue is simply a slight colorant to help with visual compliance. The colorant has been helpful in helping an office determine whether or not their water has been treated and also helps indicate the water line in the bottle.
  • What is the orange tablet for? +

    The orange tablet is the Shock tablet, this is an enhanced version of CitriSil™ and CitriSil™ Blue. It is intended to be used once every twenty tablets or once a month (which ever comes first).
  • Can I use one orange tablet for all of my chairs? +

    Generally no. The Shock tablet (orange) will produce 6 oz. of solution which is adequate to treat one or two dental units.
  • Can I purchase additional orange tablets separate from the boxed white or blue tablets? +

    Yes. The part # ECS-10 is a box of 10 tablets.
  • 1
Part # Product
  1-Liter Bottles
C20-W Citrisil™ – (20) maintenance tablets & (1) Citrisil™ Shock tablet  - White, for 0.7 -1 liter bottles
C20-B Citrisil™ Blue – (20) maintenance tablets & (1) Citrisil™ Shock tablet - Blue,  for 0.7 -1 liter bottles
CS-W Citrisil™ – (Case) 50 Boxes C20-W
CS-B Citrisil™ Blue – (Case) 50 Boxes of C20-B
  2-Liter Bottles
C20-2W Citrisil™ – (20) maintenance tablets & (1) Citrisil™ Shock tablet - White, for 2 liter bottles
C20-2B Citrisil™ Blue – (20) Maintenance Tablets & (1) Citrisil™ Shock tablet - Blue, for 2 liter bottles
CS-2W Citrisil™ – (Case) 50 Boxes of C20-2W, 2 liter tablets
CS-2B Citrisil™ Blue – (Case) 50 Boxes of C20-2B, 2 liter tablets
  Citrisil™ Shock
ECS-10 Citrisil™ Shock – (10) Tablets
CS-ECS-10 Citrisil™ Shock – (Case) 50 Boxes of ECS-10