BioFree Tubing and Bottles

  • BioFree tubing suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew.
  • BioFree tubing suppresses unpleasant odors, discoloration and deterioration of the BioFree tubing.
  • Tubing is available in a variety of styles and colors to accommodate any use and suit any décor
  • FDA 510(k) 031681
  • EPA exempt “Treated Article”
Sterisil BioFree Tubing and Bottles

Maintenance free program for delivering ADA and CDC compliant dental water

Sterisil’s antimicrobial tubing and bottles suppresses the growth of bacteria on their surfaces. With the use of Sterisil’s water treatment products, a continuous supply of Sterisil’s antimicrobial is provided to the inner wall of the tubing over an extended period of time. The residual antimicrobial maintains the tubing.  Together, the Sterisil® Straw and BioFree products provide a maintenance free program for delivering ADA and CDC compliant dental water.



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  • What size BioFree® bottle is available? +

    BioFree® bottles are available in 0.7 and 2 liter sizes.
  • What is the life of the bottle? +

    While there is not an expiration date on the bottle, Sterisil® recommends changing the bottle out annually due to normal wear to the thread on the top of the bottle.
  • My bottle does not seem to have a tight seal. +

    It is very likely that the threads on your bottle have been striped, requiring a new bottle.
  • What is BioFree® tubing? +

    This is tubing that has been physically imbedded with silver ions. Many Dental Unit manufacturers now install BioFree® tubing as a standard item on their units. Check with your rep to insure your new dental unit is fitted with Sterisil® BioFree® tubing. Existing units in your office may easily be updated with BioFree® tubing. Have your Sales representative contact their service department to update your dental units.
  • Am I required to use Citrisil™ or other Sterisil® products to maintain the tubing? +

    BioFree® tubing can remain effective for several years without maintenance however it must be regularly maintained with a Sterisil® waterline treatment product to maintain the silver ions. When properly maintained, the BioFree® tubing will remain effective for the normal life of the dental unit.
  • Do I have to have BioFree® tubing for Citrisil™ or other Sterisil® products to work? +

    No, Citrisil™ and all Sterisil® products do not require that they be used exclusively with BioFree® tubing. Sterisil® products are efficient waterline cleaners on regular tubing however performance is increased when used in conjunction with BioFree® tubing.
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BioFree® Tubbing

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